Piano Studio of Diane Densmore

About Lessons

Emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation of good posture and technique while developing the ability to play musically and confidently. Lessons at all levels use the Suzuki repertoire to teach technique, tone production, musicality and performance. Supplementary materials are used at lessons, at home, and in group classes to ensure students develop strong reading skills and master important theory concepts. Each lesson combines individual instruction at the piano with observation of other students' lessons.

Beginning Lessons

Your child will begin by listening daily to the Suzuki Piano Book 1 recording at home to become familiar with the songs that s/he will be learning to play by earMore about listening

Your child’s initial instruction at the piano will concentrate on developing good posture, listening skills, focus and concentration.

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While learning to play the Suzuki Book 1 songs by ear, your child will be developing foundational musical and technical skills, along with effective practice strategies and good practice habits

Even though your child will not use the printed music to learn the Suzuki Book 1 songs, s/he will be learning to read music! A piano lesson book will be selected for your child to use during daily home practice. Listening skills and reading skills complement and strengthen each other, and will be developed alongside each other.

In addition to weekly lesson times, your child will attend Group Classes twice a month. These classes provide a fun way to reinforce listening skills, reading skills, and theory concepts that will be critical to ensuring success in Suzuki Book 2. 

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