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About Listening

Listening is essential to your child's success!

During the first 1-2 years of lessons, your child will be learning to play the songs in Suzuki Book 1 exclusively by ear. For your child to be able to do this, the songs need to be internalized. You will know a song has become internalized when you have heard it so many times that you begin to hear it playing in your head, or can easily hum the melody without having to think about it. This is immersion listening, which is how babies and young children learn language: they are immersed in the sounds of people speaking and are able to mimic what they hear.

Children easily learn the songs in Suzuki Book 1 if the songs are constantly playing softly in the background throughout the day. Inadequate listening makes it impossible to learn to play the songs, resulting in frustration and loss of interest in playing. The more your child hears the songs being played on the recording, the faster s/he will learn to play them! Listening 24/7 is optimal, but most students progress well if they are hearing the recording for at least 5-6 hours per day. The teacher has lots of ideas for helping you to manage this, and can help you set up a listening plan.

Why Bother Learning to Play By Ear?

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