Piano Studio of Diane Densmore

My role as Teacher:

Provide parents with support, instruction, and tools for productive and efficient practice sessions at home, in order to guarantee progress and continued motivation.

Instruct parents and students in the basics of how to use the body in a natural way in order to create a beautiful sound. Guide students in developing the ability to play musically and confidently.

Continue to strive for higher levels of excellence in my own playing and teaching, enabling me to provide the best model of good tone and technique.

Your role as parent:

Recognize yourself to be your child’s most important role model and appreciate the crucial role you play in your child’s success in learning to play the piano.

Play the Suzuki Book 1 CD throughout the day for as many hours as possible (24/7 is optimal) so that your child is able to internalize the songs. 

Attend the child’s lessons and follow the teacher’s instructions during daily practice sessions at home, offering encouragement and allowing learning to progress at your child’s pace. 

The role of the child:

Be respectful and cooperative at lessons and home practice sessions.

The roles of teacher & parent combined = success for your child.

Lesson Format

Learning through observation is a critical element of the Suzuki method. For this reason, children have shared lesson times. Each student has individual instruction time at the piano as well as observation time during the lessons of other students. In this format, children and parents are motivated by and learn from each other.

Students also attend Group Class two times per month. Group Classes provide a setting for learning fundamental musical concepts and reading skills through games and activities. Opportunities for individual and group performance help students gain self-confidence and provide motivation.

The Studio Family & the Suzuki Community

Students experience music in a setting that is social, supportive, and fun (group classes, recitals, piano parties). Children motivate and encourage each other; parents support each other and encourage each other’s children. Being a part of the studio promotes healthy social interaction. Children learn about generosity, cooperation, support, and appreciation for the efforts of others.

Parents and their children are encouraged to take advantage of the many ways they can be a part of the larger Suzuki family outside the home studio. Families enjoy attending 5-day summer Suzuki Institutes (“piano camps”), local one- and two-day Suzuki workshops & festivals, as well as recitals at other teachers’ studios. These provide a sense of community outside the home studio and connect families with Suzuki families around the world.

Enrolling your child as a student

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