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Equipment & Supplies

Thank you for taking your first steps to enrolling in Densmore Piano Studio's Suzuki program. Once you have all the required equipment and supplies, your child can begin to receive instruction at the piano. Having the items on this list will ensure your child’s success at lessons and at practice sessions at home. 

Suzuki Piano Volume 1 CD

Lots of listening is essential to your child's success. 

Your child needs to hear the Book 1 CD in order to learn to play the songs by ear. 

Be sure to purchase the CD separately (not with the book). You need to get the Suzuki Piano Volume 1 CD by Haruko Kataoka.

Suzuki Piano Volume 1 Music Book

The Suzuki Piano Book helps the parent to follow the teacher's instructions for practice and is for the parent's use only. Your child will be learning the songs by listening to the CD and playing by ear. 

Be sure to purchase the Suzuki Piano Book Volume 1 without the CD.

The Best Piano You Can Afford

Beginners need the very best quality piano possible. 

A poor instrument will inhibit your child's ability to learn to play, causing frustration and loss of interest in playing.

Electronic keyboard is not suitable.

Adjustable Bench and Footstool

It is important that your child be seated at the correct height, with the feet supported, in order to have good posture at the piano. 

Correct seating is critical for good playing.

  About purchasing adjustable bench and footstool  

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Book:  "Nurtured by Love" by Shinichi Suzuki

Read this book to learn about Dr. Suzuki's life and how he developed the Suzuki philosophy and method of learning.

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