Piano Studio of Diane Densmore


Any time lessons are in session, you may let yourself in the front door. Please use quiet voices in the entry, as sound will carry into the studio.

Remove your shoes when you come inside.    All stairs are off-limits.

Hands must be clean before entering the studio. Please wash hands when you arrive, even if your child will not be playing the piano. Use the powder room to your right as you come in the front door.

Please ignore the dog. Brackley stays in her crate next to my piano during lessons. Please make sure your child understands that s/he must not interact with the dog in any way. Your child is welcome to get to know Brackley during a time when lessons are not in session.

Silence, please! A quiet environment is necessary for learning to play the piano, since everything is centered on listening to the piano's sound. The room has wonderful acoustics, which means that even whispers are amplified and can disrupt concentration. Silence communicates that there is something of value and importance taking place.

Be a good role model. As a parent it is important to model the behavior that you expect from your child. If you need to talk to your child or another parent, please step out of the room. Explain to your child before entering the studio that you must not talk or whisper during lessons.

For young children, stay only as long as your child is willing to stay. Very young children are not expected to actively watch the other lessons, but only to be quiet. If your child (or a younger sibling) is having trouble staying quiet, please calmly take them out of the room. Make sure your child understands that this is not a punishment. Simply explain that the teacher and the student at the piano can work best when it is quiet. You are helping your child learn respect and self-control. Supplies for coloring and drawing are provided, but you can also bring your own quiet activities .

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