I thoroughly enjoyed the SAWS Festival in Ellensburg this past weekend! It is always fun to reunite with teaching colleagues that come to the Festival each year, and to meet some new teachers as well.

This year's Piano Clinician, Jane Reed, presented an incredibly inspiring and motivational teacher workshop on Friday, and I have many new ideas that I am excited to implement in the studio.

On Saturday I had the privilege of teaching one Performance Class of 15 students and three one-hour Master Classes with three students each hour. I love the challenge of teaching students that I have never met before, and consider it a wonderful opportunity to hone my teaching skills.

Throughout the day, I was continually impressed with the care the parents and teachers have taken to nurture each child's playing ability while also cultivating each child's character development. Each and every student was polite, respectful, appreciative, attentive, and able to work happily with excellent focus and concentration. It is heartwarming and encouraging to see so many confident and capable young children.

Watch for future posts about valuable lessons learned at the Festival!