Piano Studio of Diane Densmore

Studio Policies 2017-2018

Tuition is charged on an annual basis and covers registration and enrollment for the entire year (September-July). Registering for lessons means parent agrees to pay the full year's tuition (unless enrollment takes place after the beginning of the studio year, in which case tuition will be prorated). Please email the teacher for current tuition rates.

Discontinuing lessons before the end of the school year requires one month’s notice with the final month’s tuition paid in full. The decision to discontinue lessons requires careful thought and should only be considered after discussion between teacher, parent, and student.

Annual tuition covers 40 weeks of lessons with individual piano time plus observation. Tuition also covers group classes & parties, studio recitals, book recitals & trophies, recording sessions, and parent education.

Tuition is divided evenly into four equal payments due on the first lesson day of each quarter, or 11 monthly payments due on the first lesson day of each month.

There is no refund for missed lessons, and no makeups will be given unless the teacher is unable to teach at the scheduled lesson time. The teacher reserves the right to send a student home if they arrive sick. (The MAKEUP LESSON POLICY lists alternatives to makeup lessons).

The student’s progress and success are dependent upon daily listening to the Suzuki recording, regular attendance, and consistent daily practice. Until a student is old enough to drive, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure these things happen.

A student’s motivation and progress will be highly influenced by the quality of the piano they practice on each day. The parent will provide the best piano possible for their child’s practice and will keep it tuned (at least once per year) and in good working condition.

Observation is part of each student’s lesson and contributes to their motivation and progress. It is in the child’s best interest to spend enough time in the studio each week to observe another student's lesson. (This is optional only for students in Book 2 and above).

Group Class attendance is required for all Book 1 students. Essential reading and theory skills are covered in group classes that will ensure success in Books 2 and above. Students age 6 and up who have attended group class for at least one year can attend without a parent.

Piano Club attendance is required for all teen students in Book 2 and above. This 2-hour group class meets once a month and is the student’s lesson for that week.

All students participate in three studio recitals per year. Performing in recitals builds confidence and provides motivation for everyone! Beginning students attend at least one recital as an audience member before being allowed to perform.

The parent is expected to take responsibility for checking the message board, calendar, and table each week for announcements, reminders, and take-home items, and agrees to read the weekly assigned parent articles.

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