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Ensure Success for Your Child!

1) Play the CD
Listening is the single most important component of Suzuki study.
The purpose of listening is not to memorize the music, but to internalize it.
Listening needs to be immersion listening--like learning language--so it needs to happen daily! Your child's progress will be directly proportional to the numbers of hours per day and number of days per week they are able to hear the Suzuki recording.

2) Watch other students’ lessons

Observation reinforces skills, provides motivation, and accelerates progress.

Observation for the child can be absorption of information without actively paying attention.

3) Practice every day & follow instructions for practice

Practice needs to be consistent to be effective.

Consistent practices leads to increased ability, which provides motivation to continue.

More about practice

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Together, the teacher and parents create successful experiences for the child, which in turn provide motivation. For example, playing the CD enables your child to experience the success of learning to play songs by ear, which then motivates your child to learn more songs. Helping your child experience success during practice provides the motivation to keep at it, and your child will be more willing to practice again the next day. Consistent practice leads to success in improving playing skills, which is a great motivator! The goal is to maintain a continuous "success cycle" so that progress can occur.

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